One step at a time…carry on

Photo by Meg Wills
Photo by Meg Wills

This week I did alot of things I didn’t think I could manage.

I got out of bed.

I showered.

I combed my hair. And I went to work.

I smiled and meant it.

No matter how many times one has confronted that black fog, when one has to get with the business of carrying on, it can be surprising to find that normally routine tasks, turn themselves into complicated duties.

Compounded by a bad bout of illness, I lay in bed for days drifting in and out of light sleep. I felt zapped of my last reserves of fortitude. I refused to think about anything too complex, my mind couldn’t take it anyway.

Get up

I wanted to float upwards into the blue skies and I wanted mighty hands to reach out and lift me up.

But I never floated up, and my cradling hands didn’t appear.

I didn’t think I could carry on, but somehow, I rolled myself out of bed.


And I managed till now. I will do the same tomorrow and the next day and the next until I am stronger.

One foot in front of the other. I will do it and so can you.

Just at the moment when I was thinking ‘I can’t do it, not now’, and without thinking I raised myself up, well, that wasn’t me. The extra oommph of energy to get up were the Hands of my Lord lifting me up.

I am impatient but prayers are heard and answered. So I hope.

One step at a time, I will carry on.

Do carry on too my friend.

Love, love, love and gentle hugs 🙂


10 Replies to “One step at a time…carry on”

      1. Well, I was really on a roll with my comments on your blog yesterday! Your words really resonated with me. Keep writing; you’re sharing really great stuff & you write in a beautiful and engaging way. – DEB

        1. Yikes Deb! I cannot say again how much your feedback means. When I first started writing at 16 I felt I failed miserably in my writing and fell short. Now I just do it from the heart and leave it hoping and praying that people will read, listen and find encouragement in whatever they can relate to because that’s how others’ writing encourage me. It is uplifting on so many levels to hear you say this. Thanks my friend 🙂 x

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