Fibromyalgia is a monster but doubters are the bigger villains

Photo by Julia P
Photo by Julia P

I’ve been completely trapped by pain in the last three days.

I cannot lie, with the right medication I had managed to push through the barriers in an attempt to live (ie go to work, have friends, relationships and fulfil my dreams) albeit at a much slower pace than a healthier person but still. Still.

Then the F monster attacked with full force, and I had to leave work early on the brink of fainting with heavy spinning head and fiery jabs of pain all over my body. By nightfall, a titanic migraine moved into the front of my head and I could barely sit up.

The tummy aches and cramps (IBS which many of us fibromites suffer from) have been unbearable. I went for the hot beanie bag on the tummy and a cold washcloth on the forehead as I also started feeling feverish.

When I tried to go collect my meds later that day I had to rush back home, the dizziness is so consuming, it’s like a whirlwind that picks you up making it impossible to walk in a straight line.

I felt drunk.

It all persisted with a vengeance for three full days. I woke in between having the chills, drenched in cold sweat, then feeling feverish and cold again.

Call for help

I’d rung the emergency GP line. They advised me to see my in the morning asap. My friends insisted too. I rang the GP to see if a home visit was possible given that I didn’t feel confident that I could walk in my state.

I encountered a bigger monster who doubted the severity of my symptoms. The GP insisted that I should be able to walk to the surgery despite my symptoms. He said he symptoms were very ‘normal’ and I could walk that distance; there was nothing else he could do for me. I asked him about the fever and all. He doubted that I had one. I told him he was doubting the severity of my symptoms and if anything happened to me he would be liable. He told me to ring back in the evening and he would decide if I could get a home visit. I was fuming mad.

In the evening, I fell asleep in my drunken exhaustion and my flatmate awoke me to say I had a guest. A doctor.

He came out of compulsion, and after examining me said ‘as I said before there is nothing we can do to help, just keep taking the painkillers.’

Oh joy. At least I know there’s nothing else wrong? Hopefully. Perhaps this is just what a a a bad fibro flare looks like? Riding it out in hope.

Be good. Gentle hugs 🙂


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  1. I’m thinking of you… I understand the migraines and tummy aches. And I once ended up in the hospital emergency room because of dizziness. It was so severe that I couldn’t even stand up, and two of my colleagues at work had to carry me. I was diagnosed with a permanent Eustachian tube disorder. Dizziness definitely is a fibro symptom. I’ve even had the unexplained fever. Are you familiar with Familial Mediterranean Fever? Apparently it’s common in people with fibro who have Mediterranean or Middle Eastern ancestry, and it can cause the otherwise unexplained fever and stomach aches. My doctors are at least sympathetic, even though they admit to not knowing what to do. Stay strong! You will be in my prayers.

    1. Thank you my friend. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this terrible and I really didn’t know what to do! It was upsetting to not have the doctor believe me so I must just carry on like this until it passes?! I am so angry. Thank you for your prayers and empathy my friend. Love always, x

    2. Just to update you hun.Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts, I appreciate it. I am very sorry to hear about your diagnosis! I am sorry I didn’t mention it before, I’ve been so spaced out with not being well.
      I’ve never heard of that one before but will have to look into it. My mother and cousin also suffer terribly with dizziness and tummy aches. In the end I got some antibiotics for infections and doc at hospital said immune system was low. Now trying to fight off last bit of chest infection. Thank you for your support and encouragement always my friend. I trust you are well, bless you xxx

  2. I wasn’t aware that IBS is associated with Fibromyalgia. Thank you for enlightening me; it gives me something else to discuss with the 3rd specialist I’ll be seeing in October – I will have waited 3 months for the appointment and so should be well prepared to discuss symptoms. I have chronic back pain (spinal fusion), Fibro and I “THINK” I have IBS; I’ve been trying to diagnose myself since no doctor or number of tests reveal what’s going on. I’m telling you this because I empathize with your situation. Nine months ago I endured a difficult de-tox from opiate painkillers; the withdrawal symptoms continued for months & then IBS set in – one specialist felt my issues were related to years of painkillers for my back. Although I struggle, it is NOTHING like the pain and symptoms that opiate painkiller use was causing. That’s right; they were causing a perceived pain in excess of what would “normally” be felt. I got a HUGE part of my life back when I stopped taking them and also a variety of psych meds for depression. It has taken about a year and a half to get to this point. I started my blog to release my anger, frustration and pain in the form of poetry. If you care to visit my blog, I would be honoured. The earlier poetry is more raw – but keep in mind – I usually always have a positive outlook and message, so not too depressing I hope.
    You take care. You are not alone. I thank you for sharing your stories. You are a FANTASTIC writer. – Deb.
    Some of my poetry:

    1. Thanks for stopping by Deb. I’m really sorry that you’ve had such a difficult time. It really does help to exchange stories, that way we learn more. For many years I didn’t know IBS was associated with fibromyalgia either until I started talking to others in the UK Fibromyalgia group on facebook and then with a good friend who is also diagnosed. Please let me know if you have any questions ahead of your appointment. I wish I had someone to talk to leading up to my appointment several t=years aback. Thanks for sharing your blog with me as well. I’ll definitely be sure to check it out:) Take care, hugs x

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