Releasing the broken chains


Photo by Brian Smithson
Photo by Brian Smithson

It was one of those weeks where everything that could go wrong did.

Still, I was hoping to get uplifted from attending and volunteering at Hillsong Conference which I was so excited about. I felt I needed something majorly great to lift my broken spirit.

But by the end of the week, on conference day I was bound in bed unwell with pain and such debilitating exhaustion I couldn’t keep my eyes open for very long.

I was devastated but thought I could at least attend the final evening session of the conference. I forced my achy self out of bed, got dressed and headed out despite feeling dazed.

But I didn’t make it to conference because a car reversed hard into me.

Pressing on

Thankfully I wasn’t injured badly apart from a pain in the arm and being very shaken. Long story short, by the end of the police visit, my mood hit the floor.

I’d felt so forsaken at times.

I’d forgotten (again for the millionth time) that we all need reminding of some facts when things go wrong. When the people we love wreck us, when sickness makes living hard and depression & trauma threaten to empty us…

Life can be so darn hard & some of us need reminding more than others. We are loved. Truly. We have been saved by Love. We might be devastated and struggling, but the chains around us have already been broken. We just need toremember the awesome power of this, and march on. I know it’s not easy but we can take one small step at a time. Together.

Sometimes beautiful friends are sent to remind me. Sometimes it is a song from heaven with new meaning and power each time it is played.

Gentle hugs my friends. Remember, walk on with love, be love and live love 🙂



4 Replies to “Releasing the broken chains”

  1. Great post. You are right, we all need these reminders at times and thank you for sharing one with us, even as you deal with a rough time of your own.

  2. In order to heal, our “stuff” must come up. I am told that everything is divinely timed; what life we lead and what lessons we have to learn. You have written about learning lessons through your huge struggles. This is what keeps me uplifted. I relate to how hard it is to even get out of bed and do very basic things that seem so monumental. We have to “do the work” ourselves to become who we are meant to be. Thinking of you and hope you are having a good day today. I’m so happy I found your blog through “harsh reality – OM”.

    1. Thanks Deb. I really hope you’re having a great day as well! It’s really cool that we can encourage each other. You are absolutely right. Although I hate it when my ‘stuff’ come up, as you said, we cannot heal unless this happens. I suppose in a way, to sound cliched, we are gold that must go through fire to be purified.

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