Where the road leads…


Photo by Arvid Buschsieweke
Photo by Arvid Buschsieweke

Is there light at the end of the tunnel?

My friend J says we must endeavour to continue our journeys, one day at a time regardless of how we tire. Go on, she says.

But sometimes I wonder what the point is.  We press on, on this winding road of uncertainty not knowing what lies at the next junction of our lives. Pain and more pain.

I often wonder if I would feel a little better had I more energy. But thanks to fibromyalgia, that’s sapped from me, so the smallest of duties requires so much effort.

Depression exacerbates my exhaustion levels, taking it to a completely different level. I cannot walk and talk without sighing heavily trying to catch my breath. I know every one has their own burden to bear, but we cannot compare. Each man feels his own pain.

I persevere, thinking, if I give up, the break might have been right around the corner. So I cannot know unless I venture forward.

The tunnel of life is often dark and scary. People I’ve loved have lied and torn my heart to shreds. Why then should we take that risk to trust again? Is it ever safe?

I tire.

I can only hope that my friend is right and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

I don’t know where the never ending, rugged road leads, but maybe, somewhere along the way I will find that elusive happiness.

Gentle hugs 🙂




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  1. There are days in which I do not sit down because I know if I do, I will not be able to get back up and finish my tasks at hand. Yesterday I ached so badly I had to drag myself to work. So I really do understand how you must feel. Hang in there. There is still so much in this life for which to be grateful.

    1. Thanks my friend. I think it’s just so hard when one deals with severe depression. It’s hard to see the positives that are right in front of one’s eyes.Hopefully tomorrow is brighter. Hugs and love x

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