I’m cold…no, wait, I’m hot…


My body temperature has gone all coo-coo.

You know what I mean. Nevermind it’s winter, by the time I get into the office, I’m sweating like I’ve just returned from a run. It usually doesn’t last too long, and before you know it, I’m too cold…or worse, my hands and feet are ice cold, but the rest of me is hot!


Of all the annoying, irritating symptoms in the wide range of symptoms we get to have (yayy o_O), this one really does my head in, because I don’t know how to address it. I put on socks, I take them off. I take off the scarf, put it back on. Being unable to regulate one’s body temperature is very uncool. I look forward to my lunch break so I can go mop up the cold sweat to feel fresh again.

Observations and helping bits and bobs

The one thing of use I’ve noticed (if there is anyone out there planning to do some useful research to help us please?) is that the more my body temperature fluctuates, my pain levels tend to be higher and more widespread. So I try to be better prepared, packed with my meds, wearing the right shoes etc if I’m going out.

Otherwise, apart from being completely clueless on what to do with this body, I try to listen to it. If I’m too hot I try to stay hydrated. I sip lots of water, or have a nice cold glass of ginger beer with some drops of lemon in it.

When I get too cold (or I’m in between temperatures!) I go for spiced teas. At home I like making them from scratch, so grated ginger root (boiled for about 20 minutes, strained), sometimes with added cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, and cloves. (Occasionally I have me a cup of turmeric tea). One doesn’t always have time, so in the office I simply use the tea bags which you can get from any supermarket. Eating, except the odd yogurt or water based fruit like blue berries does help sometimes but little. Rant complete.

I imagine though, if I were a cuddle master I could get just get them when too cold, and let them go when too warm. How fab would that be? 😀

On another note, I’ve been hearing lots of our fibromyalgia friends complaining about that dreadful other thing called irritable bowel syndrome. I just wanted to mention that fennel seed capsules really helped me with the bloating. But Colpermin has been really useful in alleviating the cramping and other awful things that come with IBS.

Stay dry, cool, give love and be love.

Gentle hugs:)

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  1. “Is it just me, or is it hot in here?” “I’m freezing; I need a blanket.” “I have to go outside; this house is burning up.” That’s me every day. I go to bed with socks on and kick them off somehow during the night. In the car I have the air conditioner pumping out cold air during the winter, and in the summer when other people are hot, I have chills. In the past 15 minutes alone I have gone from being too hot to being cold. I have to just laugh at this. What else can one do? It’s so annoying!

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