A Miracle for my breakdown

by Eddy Van
by Eddy Van

I’d been crying out in pain to Him that very night, ‘Are you hearing me?,’ when elsewhere, unknown to me an extraordinary thing happened.

God brought my grandmum back from the grave to take care of me, to continue to help me to live.

(Even if you do not share my beliefs, some stories are worth sharing, and this one is.)

I’d needed her all week but I was so weary to call. I’d broken down in a really bad way. Clinical depression is hard, but with constant triggers, even harder.

Then I heard. Mama had twice departed unexpectedly. Revived and rushed through an emergency surgery. What happened during this time was incredible. 

Mama said she awoke in space, and in awe surrounded by the most beautiful human sized butterflies, fluttering around her. She felt such awe and peace, she didn’t want to leave that place. Her mind was clear, free and she could think of nothing but admiring their grandeur.

Angels looking after her.

Why come back

When she awoke from her travelling and slumber days later, she thanked her Father for returning her. She’d just remembered she had unfinished work to do: family to look after, and to take care of me.

In the throes of this deep clinical depression that’s gripped me from young, Mama said she hadn’t finished showing me that she loves me, He loves me with a special love.

Despite my faltering, Mama has helped me to live.

Nevermind this mental health breakdown. Some miracles are such burden lifters.

I cannot say thankyou enough to my Lord.


It is not over.

Gentle hugs:)

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  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your post. It is truly amazing how life has its way of bringing the truth right out of us, whether we want it to or not. The sufferings that many people have to undergo will do the exact same thing. I like the part in your article when you said, “Some miracles are such burden lifters”, because there is no such thing as a small miracle — a miracle is a miracle, simple as that. Some people may look at having pain 24/7 as a small ordeal, and it will eventually go away, because it does not compare to their friend’s pain who has cancer or some other chronic illness. Well, what I say is that one cannot measure how pain may be affecting an individual physically and mentally. Living in pain affects everyone differently, because we all have different pain tolerance levels. Pain does not only hurt your body, it hurts your heart your mind, and your spirit. I have Fibromyalgia in all 11 quadrants of my body which hurts 24/7. A miracle to me is hurting in only 10 areas instead of 11, or hurting in 7 areas is a good day for me, but rare. A miracle to me is in spite of my pain, I can still encourage others, I am still in my right mind, I can still work, and I can still reason and show compassion. Humans are so undeserving in relationship to the mercy and blessings that we have received from our creator Yahweh; in all actually, we are not lovable or deserving. It takes his love to change our hearts and mind to be grateful for all that he is, and is still doing for each and every one of us, regardless of our race, creed, sex, or color. As you stated, despite your depression and all that you’ve been through, your mama has helped you to live. I am sure that her spirit and the remembrance of her love is what gave you strength to pull through whatever you are experiencing at this time; and of course, without our heavenly father, nothing is possible.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, it really means alot that you took the time and effort to reply. Your comment really touched me. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads some of the posts.
      The latter part of your comment which talks about how undeserving we are, reminded me of a song that talks about how amazing it is that He can see the depths of our hearts and love us the same! I cried in thanks for Mama and myself, to know that God would hear my cry, even when I feel too weak to to live this life he has given me. Just amazing. Thank you for sharing with me, and bless your heart.

  2. Hi, you are most welcome. I felt that your message was sincere in your belief that Yahweh would and could help you, and that he heard your cry. You are so correct because he does hear, see, feel, know, and experience all that we are, because he is in us. If he were not in us, we would not be alive. It is his breath of life that we breath. So, I truly understand because I, too, feel weak many time, and we are weak – for we are as fragile as life itself. There is nothing we can do of ourselves, because we need him to give us the mobility and the know how; after all, many of us still need the basics such as common sense. He takes us through each and every phase that we experience, whether it be pain or joy, sufferings or accomplishments, it is he that makes us experience these life issues so that we may learn and know for a surety that it is he that is bringing us through, and it is he who wants the recognition and glory. People in general do not understand why bad things happen to good people, or why bad things happen period. They do not realize that Yahweh created this creation, designed it, wrote the script, and set it in motion to go in the way that he purposed it to go. Remember, he is spirit, not flesh and blood as we are. He is the creator of the universe, and his concern is the spirit he put in us, not the flesh that he created into a physical body to house the soul and spirit. Therefore, all things come from spirit, and all must return to spirit. And, he is spirit. What I have learned is to seek only the truth, not to follow the majority because that is definitely the wrong way, ask Yahweh to show you what the truth really is, and how he actually exist – not the way mankind want him to exist (different religions, etc); and to keep my eyes on the prize, which is him.

    1. Thank you my friend. My messages are always sincere and I always write from the heart. I know not all readers will share the same beliefs but some stories I feel must be shared because of how powerful the messages are. I am one of those persons who doesnt understand why bad happens to good people. I mean, I know the theories and all that but I suppose when it actually happens to you, you question it. But stories and experiences like these I share because they give hope, and encourage the strengthening of faith (at least for me it does). I’ll admit, I am a doubter, but my faith is constantly renewed in my quest for the truth. And sometimes faith is just what we need to take us through the storms. Bless you.

      1. We all really need each other. Some of us realize this, and so we communicate and reach out to give as well as receive, while others think they can live in this world alone and be happy, but happiness comes from within just like peace and joy. However, you must give in this life in order to receive; you must put money in the bank if you want a bank account; just as faith is what we need to take us through these storms. I truly love your remark about you faith being renewed constantly, in your quest for truth. You took the words right out of my mouth. I am so glad that the faith I prayed for many years have embraced my heart and mind, and truth is come in my life.

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