The Climb

Carl Jung who i amFibromyalgia, chronic illness and mental illness like depression and anxiety can be likened unto a steep mountain that we are all struggling to climb, with heavy baggage laden on us.

What has happened to us – the past – can strongly influence who we are and the many trials we contend with today. That’s at the bottom of the steep mountain, where many of us are stuck, procrastinating, or simply internally dead seeking life meaning.

Where we really want to be, where our souls, our true selves and hearts want to be (despite the denial of our hurt minds) is at the pinnacle of that steep mountain.

Pardon my tautological use of the ‘steep mountain.’ But have you ever tried climbing one?

In the past when I worked as a journalist, I sometimes had to climb many steep mountains to get to interviewees. I was often terrified because one slip of the foot could have sent me to my death down a precipice.

The past can sometimes make mountains steeper – thus, more challenging to climb.

The challenges

Sometimes a big boulder might come rolling down your way out of no where, setting you back, or even hitting you hard; the rains might shower down making the climb more treacherous.

Reaching the top – where we want to be, is darn tough work my loves. I know.

Sometimes, I had to take off my shoes. Sometimes, in my suit, I had to go on all fours, gripping my fingers into the mud to hold on. And sometimes, my friend (many times Mike the cameraman) would go ahead of me, carrying all the equipment (and my handbag), and still turn around to take my hand and pull my up for the more difficult paths. Hmm.

What our souls want to become, will follow no easy path, like these steep mountains.

Just remember, we don’t have to remain at the base of the mountain looking up, wishing, pining for love, meaning or something to fill the hollowness inside. You don’t have to tell me. Many of us with chronic illnesses and depression grapple with this.

Who will you choose to be?

Trying not to give up is hard when you feel dead on the inside, or that your life is meaningless.

But if we don’t climb the mountains of life, I realise we might not find the thing that brings individual meaning to our unique souls.

So climb.

And stay focused.

Sometimes we will roll down. I have many times, only to be grabbed by Mike, or a complete stranger guiding us. Whatever, we must not stop. Sometimes we may have to let go of some of the baggage: the past, the hurts, and people who are no good for us. Even people we love. Sighs.

I am trying to encourage you as I now try to uplift my own aching soul friend.

We must not stop.

Friends, sometimes the ones we least expect, strangers even, are there waiting like Mike, to pull us up hard, when we slip or get weak and weary.

So yes Jung, we are what we choose to become. And with every step we take up our mountains of life, we choose to be fighters, and winners who will complete our journeys in excellence.

Say it aloud now ‘I will make it.’

See you at the top my loves.

Gentle hugs:)

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