Seven things…

Photo by Andy Rogers
Photo by Andy Rogers

Recently, my days have been marred by emotional lows, exacerbated by extremely high exhaustion levels, severe IBS (that I will not talk about) and some inconsiderate people.

But I’ve found some things that work really well to perk me up. I thought I’d share them with you. Here they are in no particular order:

1. The squirrel who wags his bushy tail against my bedroom window

He struts back and forth past my bedroom window off to where I don’t know and somewhere in between he pauses, tail in my face, wagging like its drunk.

2.Juice that tastes like Christmas

Oh jingles bells! It’s apple and elderflower juice with cinnamon and clove, and cinnamon… ok I can’t remember what else is in there but it’s incredible. Thanks Copella, and you’re welcomed for the free ad.

3. His humour

He’s incredibly funny! And his smile! Oh… I melt everytime. Seeing him makes the sun shine even on London’s rainy days:)

4. Ellie Golding’s ‘How Long Will I Love You’ on replay

I cannot lie. It must be the longest I’ve ever had any song on replay without getting tired of it. And I sing it all day long. It’s soothing, but also touches my innermost depths. Love, love, love is my mantra and this song warms my heart, makes me dreamy and thankful for the love I already have.

5. Earl Grey

I oftentimes forget the things I like when I’ve not had them in a while (blame fibro fog), until I bump into them unexpectedly and remember. Rediscovering Earl Grey was a delightful surprise. I’ll now drink so much of it until I get sick of it and forget it  again only to rediscover it at a later time 😛

6. Foxy and Verity interacting on Magic 105 FM

I can’t really explain these two, you have to listen yourself. I often wake up flat with exhaustion knowing that if only I could reach…reach-for-the-radio-button, I will be saved in time so I can get up for work.

7. Cooking, then feeding someone I care for

I never liked cooking, but in my family it is an essential ingredient to happiness, family life and socialising- a major pastime. Cooking and feeding.

I didn’t learn like all my other relatives but thank God we talk about it so much that at least I knew in theory so I actually ate when I went off  to university. The first years were pain. And burnt. Grampie always says I’ll burn the water if you ask me to boil it hahaa. But guess what? Now I’m doing so well, people love my food. And I enjoy cooking it. I might be low but if I can somehow get into that kitchen, if only… (it must be clean) it will be fine. It is partly the satisfaction too of it all turning out well. If it doesn’t that’s another story. I made nice fish cakes tonight, message if you’d like the recipe 😛

Gentle hugs 🙂

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