Laughter for Pain

Friend made me laugh till my tummy hurt!

I have my bad pain days/phases with fibromyalgia. But come to think of it, those are becoming less and less. Or at least it feels like that.

I can attribute this to many things which I’ve written about previously: Medicine (namely Pregabalin), healthy eating, and working which forces me to keep somewhat active on a daily basis.

But there’s one thing I’ve not mentioned which has impacted so positively on my levels of pain.


I’d started making a concerted effort to not only smile but laugh more despite any low mood, stress or pain or debilitating exhaustion.

First port of call was to remove myself from around anyone who was upsetting, provoking or just downright sour.

Secondly, I decided not to take anything personally, so when people snap at me, are rude to me or unkind, I don’t let it out any fires burning inside me. They’re probably having a bad day, not getting enough love at home, or they’re just plain sour.

The road to laughter…

Thirdly, I smile freely, and I share it with others. I greet from the heart and try to share whatever positivity I can with others. I give. And I laugh and laugh. That means finding the humour in things I might not normally notice. It takes a degree of curiosity, of wanting to laugh.

So I laugh at the sound of other people laughing, at the curious things I see kids doing, at my own mishaps, and at my manager delighting at the sight of a pen left lying ownerless on a desk somewhere…

It’s funny. I’ve never thought of myself as a very positive person. But somehow I feel that by endeavouring to laugh more, I’ve changed in some way emotionally, and that’s affected my pain levels, and as the cycle goes, less pain feeds back into making me emotionally lighter.

And it really works. People at work keep telling me they can’t help but smile when they see me smile. And when I see them smile, it fills me up! That’s just downright heart warming! (oops! Smiling again!)

Researchers have long corroborated this. They say having a proper laugh releases chemicals that act as natural painkillers in our bodies!

The more I’ve had all of this laughter business and light mood, I find it perpetuates itself. It’s lasting longer and longer, emanating further and further, and I’m loving it.

Your turn now.

Gentle hugs 🙂

8 Replies to “Laughter for Pain”

  1. I love your approach from removing yourself from negative people to not taking things personally. Your outlook is great and will surely only continue to lessen your burden. Thanks for this post, it made me smile 🙂

    1. You’re welcomed darling! someone shared the approach with me on not taking things personally and I felt it was so practical. I think it really helps. Hugs:)

      1. It definitely helps to breed understanding and empathy. It’s difficult not to take things personally sometimes but I find if I take a second to remind myself that other things in their life are influencing their actions that I calm down and feel better. Glad to hear this approach is catching on.

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