Conquering fibromyalgia with love

Holding hands by Robert FlakeLife with fibromyalgia can be inundated with many things, among them fears and anxieties over the future.

It’s not a progressive condition doctors say, but living on a day to day basis can be darn tough. Life, I’d argue, is hardly ‘normal’, and by that I mean how a typically healthy person would live.

I know it’s not just for people who live with fms but also for others who live with other chronic illnesses.

One particular worry keeps resurfacing and I know many of you will be able to relate.

I’ve found myself on the wrong side of 25, still single, full of love and lots to give, but I sometimes worry about finding that guy who will love me for me despite fibromyalgia (God knows I’m picky too!).

You know? The guy who will see who I am, what I am and all I offer behind that annoying f-word.

Patients often worry about meeting someone and explaining their health situation. It is difficult, knowing when to bring it up because you don’t want someone to see fibromyalgia, before they see YOU.

You know I always say, we are not fibromyalgia and fibromyalgia is not us. Don’t become it.

As more and more of my friends find love,get engaged, and married I think about it a little more.

Whoever my Prince Charming is, will he have the heart enough to love me despite the odds I face with this invisible f?

True love conquers all.  But can we really find it?

Gentle hugs 🙂 xxx

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2 Replies to “Conquering fibromyalgia with love”

  1. Yes, we can – if I did then any one can!
    It takes a special person to see beyond the illness to our real selves. Keep being your real self and your Prince Charming won’t fail to recognise who you are 🙂

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