Zyleema the Dreamer

Photo by Donnie Nunley
Photo by Donnie Nunley

Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Zyleema the dreamer.

Zyleema the dreamer she was called, because her dreams could turn the dark into light, and wrongs into right.

Zyleema the dreamer had the power that she had, because she could always find the good in the bad.

This wasn’t always easy for Zyleema the dreamer.

She knew the meaning of pain.

Pain so deep, so wrenching, so explosive and engulfing, that a single human touch could turn her existence into nothing.

So for her safety, she was placed in a tower on a hill; an isolated heart, but a dreamer still.

You see, when all the world slept at night, Zyleema the dreamer would turn on her light.

And stare through her window at the heavenly stars, dreaming on each one near and far.

The heavens opened up and revealed her tomorrow,

Showing salvation would come, ending all sorrow.

So you see, Zyleema the dreamer continued to smile through her pain,

Assured that the future held sunshine after the rain.


Gentle hugs on a sleepless night 🙂 xxx

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