Hope for Tomorrow

By pol sifter
By pol sifter

Last week there was some news that should have made me feel relieved.

Scientists said that fibromyalgia is not all in our heads. They found a ‘rational biological basis’ for fibromyalgia, which now confirms it is not psychosomatic.

In other words, we’re not some crazy, attention seeking bunch after all.

Yayy. Please tell your disbelieving GP and unsupportive relatives. Scientists say the findings will change clinical opinion about fibromyalgia.

I honestly want to be relieved, but I’m not.

We’ve had so many high hopes and let-downs from previous studies and their findings that I’ve just grown numb to all of it. I’m almost afraid to hope it’s true, because I don’t want to be disappointed again. You know?

I hope, really hope that this time, these findings mean something and will further the search for treatment and ultimately a cure.

The hope in not knowing

Anyway, by now you might realise that uncertainty makes me uneasy. This evening however, I was checking out this amazing inspirational and hilarious blog that a friend shared with me. The blogger Allie Brosh is so adept, and on point with her descriptions.

She said something that really resonated with me and I wanted to share it with you.

“…when you’re concerned that the miserable, boring wasteland in front of you might stretch all the way into forever, not knowing feels strangely hope-like.”

This is so true. The uncertainty makes me quiver yes. Thinking that this could continue on and on and on…fibromyalgia, depression, depression, fibromyalgia, and on and on.

But not knowing also means that things could go oh so well. They can change, and get better.

I suppose, this is what hope is all about. We will look forward to brighter days, despite not knowing for sure if they will come.

Loads and loads of grand possibilities lie ahead of us, in our uncertain tomorrows. That’s something to anticipate.

Lots of love and gentle hugs 🙂

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