You asked to see what the entries were like for the fundraising Depression Art Competition which raised £220.00 for Depression Alliance.

Here we have some of the top entries, including the top four winners. Well done everyone!

Feel free to leave your feedback and discuss the pieces. Gentle Hugs xx


QUOTE: “Is this as good as it gets?”




Drawing Charlie




Some say that it is the other me,

some call it a fog ,

some people think its the world on their shoulders

And some just see  black dog.
but what i see ,

Just try to understand,

is a friend in need of a guiding hand,

To help and hold and wash away,

that what they thought would never go away.
depression can kill,

and it can harm,

And some of those will cut their hands.
now dont say that they’re stupid or that they’re too weak
coz there’s some things that’ll make them meek.
so if you know someone who  fights this battle
be a true friend……and go and tattle
there are hotlines, there are those to help
so before your friend lands up six feet under
do them a favour and find a number.



 I suffer form both borderline personality disorder and fibromyalgia and this is life as i feel it. Dark with glimpses of light










1ST PLACE WINNER – Georgina Henshaw


CAPTION:Friends of depression, not friends with me

Friends of Depression, not friends with me by Georgina Henshaw Friends of Depression, not friends with me by Georgina Henshaw

Caroline drawing 2CAROLINE B.  SUBMISSION 1


White noise, loud noise, horrible noise,
Just everywhere, no rest, no break,
No one else can hear,
No one else can see,
No one else can feel,
All confused, isolated, just not there,
Scared, lonely and held captive,
But by what?

Mist thicker than cloud,
Darker than black smoke,
Noisyer than a rumbling train,
But wait, there’s a break,
A moment of clarity,
A sense of interest,
A time for freedom,
But, by what?

The dark sky so bright,
The space so uncluttered,
The vastness truly amazing,
My mind is open and free,
a big break from all the noise.

The darkness has saved me from the darkness.


3RD PLACE WINNER Margaret Whittaker


“Looking down she wondered if this was the best way. It was an awfully long drop. What would her feelings be on the way down? Once her decision was made there was no going back. The black mist crept closer. The stone in her stomach grew heavier. Her head was bursting. Her chest tightened and she could hardly breathe. No one would know. The streets were silent, malevolent and the creature in the blackness was of her own making. It was a devourer of souls, a destroyer of all that made life worth living. It was an emptiness into which she fell at last. It was not a spiritual place. When it was accomplished she was not present to witness it. A dog passed by and sniffed at the broken remains of a human being at the foot of the bridge.”

Elderly manField at sunset

Life sketches










POEM BY Llinos Thomas.

“In this poem I have used weather as a metaphor for how depression makes me feel.  I have tried to depict the loneliness, bleakness and intense symptoms of the illness.”

The wind whistling through my mind.

Thunder cracking in my ears.

Lightning piercing my eyes.

Is it my destiny to go through this


Snow clogging up my brain.

Rain lashing on my face.

Hail scraping my ears.

How will I find the strength to


Sleet creeping down my neck.

Drizzle misting up my eyes.

Fog steaming up my mind.

Looking for a way out of the

Hell inside my head.



This piece represents a person in the thick of the depression bubble, where you can hardly see out and you definitely can’t feel anything.

All the natural beautiful things are visible but completly unreachable and untouchable, yet they are still there.

Other people can touch and see the beautiful natural things that are always all around us, but they can’t touch or see your thick misty bubble.

You are by yourself and all alone, no one can hear you shout and cry. Yet eventually, with help – you can learn how to break free.”

4th PLACE WINNER Caroline B. 4th PLACE WINNER Caroline B.



I remember this feeling,

I don’t know from where you came or how long you will stay but,

I remember this feeling.

As I lay down in bed and squeeze my eyes shut,

as the tears well up in my eyes,

I cannot stifle them this time,

I remember this feeling.

I am filled with fear,

Why do I feel this way?

What will everyone say?

I am grown now, who will take care of me?

who will hold me while I cry?

and stop asking me why I cry.

I don’t know why.

I remember this painful feeling.

Those painful memories have re-surfaced,

I trust no-one,


there’s nothing you can do.


I do need something from you;

Help me take this pain away,

Help me to ease it,

Tell me everything will be okay.

I just need to hear you say it.

I keep remembering this painful feeling.

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