The call for help…

Photo by vtdainfo
Photo by vtdainfo

Wednesday night, late, when many of the help call lines were closed, someone posted a sort of distress call on a forum owned by Depression Alliance.

It was a friend. Someone who had been there for me many times before.

She’d posted how many pills she’d taken. She was fed up and wanted to know if she’d taken enough. Members of the group are there all hours of the night supporting eachother. There’s always someone there. We held her hand and tried to get her to ring an ambulance.

She wouldn’t listen. Or pick up the phone. She wanted out.  But eventually she rung me back.

It was heartbreaking. I was trying to keep her awake, also cognizant that medical help was needed. She wouldn’t have it, so she hung up and never answered again. I sent help to her.

My friend is in hospital now recuperating.

How you can help

And I am once again reminded of the importance of organisations like Depression Alliance. My friend didn’t post her distress call on facebook or anywhere else. She was too weak to call for help herself, so she posted a note the one place she felt safe.

That is how we were able to help her.

I’ve been trying to get people to donate to DA, a charity that runs off donations and volunteer support. It is supporter led and that is truly unique. Because DA did for me last December and many other times, what we did for our friend this week.

She may be upset for a while. But she’s been my voice of reason before, as I had to try to be hers this time around. When you’re leaning on the shoulder of someone who’s been where you are now, they know what you need. Even if you can’t see it clearly because your vision is fogged up by the black cloud that is depression.

My fundraiser art competition ends this week but even after you can still donate money to keep Depression Alliance running. They operate with minimal help in a very tiny shared office, with limited funds. But the support they provide is invaluable.

I shudder to think of where my friend would be if she didn’t have the safe forum of friends to call out to.

And this is why I’ve been asking you to give. Please give something, anything to help. You can do that securely  on my page here.

This is for my ‘gangsta best bud.’ We love you and we’re holding your hand.

Gentle hugs 🙂

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