My top five favourite fibromyalgia foods


Photo by pizzodisevo
Photo by pizzodisevo

We already know that some foods are good for us and others we should stay away from.

With fibromyalgia and other conditions, we should endeavour to improve our diets and eat healthily. There’s no magic solution to poof away with fibromyalgia but we can take a holistic approach to make ourselves better, and our diets play a major role.

We know that some foods seem to aggravate certain of our symptoms and these we should avoid. We should also remove from our diets any foods that are simply junk. I know that’s a tough one when temptation is always right under our noses, but just think whatever we put into our bodies is what we get out of it.

Back to the point of foods that aid our fight against fibromyalgia…I want to share with you, my top five favourite fibromyalgia foods.

1.  Fish (Omega 3 fatty acids)

I lurrrrrve me some salmon!  Aside from the taste, oily fish like salmon and mackerel are an excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids which boast a range of amazing health benefits. Specifically for fibromyalgia sufferers, omega 3 oils aid in reducing muscle stiffness and joint pains caused by inflammation.

These oils also seem to alleviate depression and boost the effectiveness of antidepressants. They can also give fibro fog a hard kick as they support cognitive functioning. Try your oily fish grilled with a salad. Yummy yums!

Photo by HealthAliciousNess
Photo by HealthAliciousNess

2. Almonds

In an attempt to cut out some of the junk that I snack on, I turned to almonds. You simply can’t go wrong with these babies. A high source of magnesium, almonds are also loaded with fibre, protein, potassium, copper and vitamin E.

But back to magnesium! This mineral helps build and maintain bones; and is needed for proper functioning of nerves and muscles. Aside from fms, it is used to treat a number of conditions including chronic fatigue, depression, migraines, multiple sclerosis and diabetes. I soak in Epsom salts (just call them magnesium salts) in the bath to help ease my muscles, but magnesium is needed internally as well, so I chomp away on the almonds. If there ever really was such a thing as a ‘super food’ almonds would be it.

3. Patchoi

Another amazing food that I grew up eating lots of. This was among the fresh vegetables my grampie would bring this home from his garden. My ma would cook it by sautéing some red, juicy tomatoes with onions and peppers and seasonings, and adding the finely chopped pat choi in last. Dont overcook if you’re trying it. This green leafy veg is another lovely source of magnesium but it’s also loaded with tonnessssss of vitamins and minerals that our bodies need.

Photo by Itinerant Tightwad
Photo by Itinerant Tightwad

4. Ginger (tea)

Fresh ginger has many natural gifts to offer our health. It helps reduce pain and muscle inflammation. It’s a wonder vegetable that you can use when you’re feeling run down or coming down with the cold, whatever it is, ginger helps! And don’t bother going to buy ginger tea packets from the supermarket. Nope! Instead get some fresh ginger root, and grate at least a finger sized piece into a pan with water. Boil for a couple minutes and let it simmer for another 5 or so. Strain it and drink the tea! It’s strong I know but its benefits are amazing, I promise you!

5. Fresh fruits and vegetables

Ok, so you already know I grew up eating fresh fruit and vegetable from my grampie’s garden. I cannot properly underscore the importance of this. To put it mildly, my grampie is now 90 years old, and my Ma 87 and they are probably stronger than you and me! The antioxidants found in fresh fruit and vegetables are important for defending our bodies from disease. But also, they help boost our energy levels. Apparently the bright coloured ones and green leafy veg are meant to be particularly high in antioxidants.

For some years I strayed away from the healthy eating promoted by my grandparents, succumbing to the junky lifestyle of university life. As I returned to healthy eating, I believe that played a key role in improvements I’ve seen in my health, specifically as it relates to fibromyalgia.

Two years ago I was going through phases where it was so painful to walk (due to plantar fasciitis) that I was stuck in bed for a week at a time. Undergoing physiotherapy, on strong meds, with little relief, not only was I at the point of almost needing a walking stick, my GP, physiotherapist and a foot specialist were recommending steroid injections under my feet, and if that didn’t work, then surgery. Along with mild exercise forced by starting a job and in-soles for plantar fasciitis, a drastic change in my diet got me to the point where walking is no longer the painful nightmare it used to be. I don’t even need to get special insoles made for my shoes again! Praise be to God! And the mighty power of fresh fruit and vegatables! Try them!

Bless you and lots of gentle hugs 🙂



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