Hot Bikram Yoga for Fibromyalgia?

Photo by quinn.anya
Photo by quinn.anya

I’d been resisting it for some time.


I can’t tell you how many times friends and acquaintances have mentioned it as a possible aid in managing symptoms of fibromyalgia and depression.

No matter where I turned, it kept coming back to face me, haunting me almost:-/

Then I met Paul, a strong advocate of Bikram Yoga. He talked about it and its benefits so fervently, showed so much commitment to it and even asked if I’d attend classes if he signed me up.

It was getting ridiculous, the way yoga kept following me.

Then, unexpectedly, one day, I signed up.

I got to the ‘hot’ Bikram Yoga class and the moment I set foot in the room of 40 degrees Celsius with Japanese posed yogis, I wanted to run out screaming.

The heat

I’d always hated the heat. I used to live in 32 degrees celcius daily, sweating like a little piggy on the island of Trinidad; feeling dizzy all the time and passing out. 40 degrees was going to kill me. Surely.

A slim 50-something year old woman strutted in smiling and eventually it started.

I was among a full class with people of all shapes, sizes and ages in their most decent underwear basically.

I was miserable, and apprehensive about attempting this with my level of chronic exhaustion. But I tried to be patient regardless. After what seemed like eternity I felt incredibly proud that I’d gotten so far.

And then the teacher said, ‘well done, we just finished warming up.’ :-/


I had to sit out a couple postures when I got too dizzy and felt like I couldn’t continue anymore. But I wasn’t the only one.

I wanted to pour my bottle of water over my head right there in the studio.

I was happy when teacher said ‘Namaste’ and the class was over. One girl seemed happier than me and clapped.


I didn’t think I’d return but by the second class it became a little easier. Every class has been different depending on the teacher. I started enjoying it with my second instructor, an encouraging, humorous lass who sang to us in the end. I started to feel good. Tomorrow I’ll go again.

I noticed unlike other times when I’ve exercised (or tried to) my body wasn’t sore or achy. Yes I felt dead after the initial class but I managed to make it home and get ready to go out later in the evening (a major feat).

My other observation was that suddenly my bowels have been much freer. Hint hint.

I was tired enough to fall asleep in the night and though I still woke up often, I got more sleep than usual.

I’ve only ever been able to manage 9 minutes of exercise at home with a break in between and then I’d collapse. Somehow I’ve been managing 90 minute classes of Bikram Yoga.

This has taken me by surprise.

Bikram Yoga is credited with all sorts of health benefits, physical and mental, which improve with every class. Admittedly, I’m not dying to go back into that furnace to exert myself, but I am anxious about reaping the possible benefits.

I’ll be attending classes for the next 20 days (in my underwear).

Wish me luck!

Thank you Paul.

Gentle hugs 🙂

8 Replies to “Hot Bikram Yoga for Fibromyalgia?”

    1. Heyy! sorry for the late reply! For some reason your comment went into my spam box. I’ve not done Bikram yoga for about six months now. I’ve been meaning to but a series of things/events including my health have set me back. Do you practise it? it was amazing when I did it though not for long. It’s quite costly here.

      1. I haven’t taken it. The thought of doing yoga in that kind of heat made me think it might kill me, until I read a bunch of people with fibromyalgia having success with it. Who knew? I may have to find a class, if I can. It’s not very popular in my area. Thanks for your reply! Have a great day!

  1. When you are not happy with your lot in life, as we aren’t,due to the health issues we face, I find giving by means of regular letters to a treasured and trustworthy friend,really helps.
    ☺ with best wishes,x

    1. Thanks alot for your comment coffee. I know what you mean. One of my best friends regular letters which she posts (she has fibro too) and it really makes me so happy even though we talk often by phone and email. You know it takes effort to hand write a letter. Take care:) x

  2. Hi everybody. I have done Bikram almost now a year and it has just changed my life. Believe me. Is the best way to give health to all your body organs, systems and mind. Give it a chance at least 3 months. It os expensive and is not easy, it makes you suffer for 90 minutes but the benefits are completely worth it!

    1. I agree totally! The fist us off putting. Not many of us can afford it but totally worth it. Only wish class organisers would spare a thought for those who would Llewelyn to come but can’t.

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