New Fibromyalgia DiagnosticTest

Photo by rosmary
Photo by rosmary

A new test that shows up “the altered immunology of the fibromyalgia patient” has been developed and its creator believes it will provide validation for millions of sufferers.

The FM test measures levels of protein molecules called cytokines which play an important role in the immune system. Research by Dr Bruce Gillis found that patients with fibromyalgia have an immune system disorder which cause lower levels of cytokines, produced by white blood cells.

“We found multiple markers for this disease, but more importantly, the research legitimizes a medical condition that is real,” said Gillis.

The FM test is a blood test and sufferers can expect results back in seven days.

But at over £500.00 it doesn’t come cheap.

Some sufferers will no doubt be unfazed by this number after facing years of doubt, misdiagnoses and wasted pounds (or dollars) in getting different specialists opinion.

Some will see it as a welcome way to prove that they’re really suffering. That the pain is not imagined.


The tests’ marketers not only encourage the undiagnosed to do the test but also those who’ve already been diagnosed, as “until you have the test — you cannot be sure that your diagnosis has been accurately confirmed.’

They also say it could help doctors to monitor the treatment of patients through “objective parameters” to determine the effectiveness of treatment.

From as early as the first week in March, people can order the test online.

Researchers say this breakthrough will change the way the medical fraternity evaluates this invisible illness.

I’d be lying if I said my pockets aren’t itching…that I don’t want to do this test and go ‘ah hah!”

It might seem foolish to some that I want to do a test just to substantiate my illness. That I might want to produce some hard core proof to all my detractors that I’m not really a hypochondriac.

But it’s not so foolish if you think that proving the truth of fibromyalgia would lessen the burden for sufferers. The burden of stigma that comes with an invisible illness is great. Greater when people including your loved ones don’t believe you.

It would be nice to remove the disbelief, yes.

I want to do the test. But something tells me even if the test proves its worth, it’s going to be a while before some doctors and disbelievers accept the legitimacy of fibromyalgia.

Gentle hugs 🙂

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  1. Those who are undecided whether to fork out their money for the “test” might profit more from a careful reading of Professor Fred Wolfe’s Fibromyalgia Perplex blog entitled “Junk Science – Junk Ethics”.

    1. Dr. Quintner, where is your practice located? How long have you been a physician of Rheumatology and Pain Medicine? I suffer from Fibromyalgia and I run a support group in Texas and on Facebook…I am definitely interested in current research and want to make sure that whatever research I find is not from a large pharmaceutical as I have been on every FDA approved Fibro med with no success! I have amazing doctors whom are very well educated in Fibromyalgia and believe in my illness and will do whatever is founded to be effective in the long term treatment, however millions are not as lucky as I am to have the same type of medical care. I would be interested in visiting with you. Thank you, Misty Roberts

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