When the Fog Takes Over…


Photo by  Mnxan Opena
‘Depression’ by Mnxan Opena

What I feel right now is ineffable.

All I know is that I am suddenly more aware of the hollowness inside me.

Depression and anxiety have sat me on cliff’s edge for some time now, and I sway with the breeze of the day. For a while I’d been numb.

But  something is able to distract me from my own pain, and that is the pain of others. Other sufferers.

It’s with great, great…something…I don’t know what, that I read yet another sufferer of this black fog had been failed.

Failed by mental health services, by the authorities and whoever should have been helping him.

The sad truth

37 year old Wayne Grew threw in the towel last March. The coroner just found that there were failures in assessing his suicide risk.

Every case isn’t the same, I know, but this makes me angry.

Because it reminds me of how lightly people take this thing called depression. How some take it as a trifling matter that will pass. How some dismiss it as self inflicted – a self constructed reality.

I know some people really don’t know. And some really don’t understand the gravity of it. Until it hits home. And hard.

And that is sad.


All of this is a bloody shame.

Because we can’t turn back the clock.

And we can’t bring Wayne back to give him the right care he needed to cope or get on the road to recovery.

Us humans do seem to have a problem with taking anything invisible seriously.

Fibromyalgia sufferers, I know you understand what I mean.

For all those who suffer from the ‘invisible’, I pray and hope that you are heard and taken to heart, and helped.

Please remember you are not ever, ever alone. There is always someone, a friend suffering with you. Call someone and don’t be ashamed or afraid of what you’re feeling. Never throw in the towel before talking to a friend. Anyone who has a problem with what you’re experiencing I promise you, the problem is theirs, not yours. Not ours. There are many who will listen to you with open ears and hearts.

Things can change in the morning with the coming of dawn, is what I say to myself. Say it to yourself.

With love, love, love, and gentle hugs 🙂



The Samaritans08457 90 90 90



2 Replies to “When the Fog Takes Over…”

  1. I feel so bad for you.
    For the ppl who suffer .
    Depression and other illnesses that ppl don’t want to see.
    Because if they are able to see it. They will be obliged to acknowledge that it’s a really horrendous illness.
    I know so many who have it.
    I do too.
    It’s not a very easy thing to verbalize.
    Its all encompassing. It’ll take over, if you allow it to.
    So we must do something.
    Depression is real.
    It happens to so many. Nurture and care.
    Love and share.
    All the best.dx

    1. You are a strong Donna and I can tell your heart is full of love. Alot of things in this world would be better if people just kept love at the heart of everything. Listen, understand or try to, support, talk, love… These are important messages that we have to share. I think we have work to do, and it helps to know we are not alone. Love and hugs to you x

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