The Dizzying World of Fibromyalgia

Photo by Tim Inconnu
Photo by Tim Inconnu

I was stumbling my way home from work, grappling with the vacillating world around me, my head high as a kite.

I wasn’t drunk.

Life can be so unsteady with fibromyalgia.

Like me, most fibromyalgia sufferers struggle with dizziness. The degree of it might vary on the severity of one’s fm. Compared to some of the other symptoms we have to deal with, dizziness might seem insignificant but it just makes fms all the more unbearable.

As I made my way home, I held onto anything I could (cringing immensely at touching germ infested rails, doors and posts) and in the absence of anything to hold, I prayed not to fall over and hit my head.

Dizziness can make it even more difficult for fibromyalgia sufferers to get about and do things, keep their balance and think!

When I’m very dizzy, forget it, I cannot function. On top of all the cognitive impairments of fibro fog, it makes me feel more confused about the world around me. To say I become spaced out is putting it mildly.

Flying high

Sometimes it comes in very quick bouts when I sit up from lying down, or stand from sitting for too long. Other times it hits me for no apparent reason accompanied by a nasty migraine.

Sometimes I feel like I may pass out and this has actually happened on several occasions, particularly when I’m suffering from heightened depression and anxiety.

When the feeling first creeps up, if I have sufficient warning, my first instinct is to pop something sweet into my mouth but if you’re watching your waistline and you’ve no self control, the idea of keeping sweets on you might not appeal.

I also tried natural ginger chews as oppose to ginger sweets. If you’re home you can make some ginger tea or keep slices of ginger with you when you’re out. Ginger I supposed to work as it improves circulation.

I can’t really say either of these actually worked for me. I’d usually wait it out until the dizziness subsides on its own.

Please check with your doctor to make sure there are no other underlying problems causing your dizziness.

Then there’s the issue of some of our medication causing dizziness as a side effect! Well, truth be told, most of these side effects we already suffer from anyway. Nevermind!

How do you cope?

Until next time, keep steady!

Gentle hugs 🙂

7 Replies to “The Dizzying World of Fibromyalgia”

    1. It’s probably your fibromyalgia. Next time it happens you should remember to make a note of whether you were very stressed, anxious or any other differences that might be able to help identify what triggers it. Gentle hugs

  1. As a high school teacher, I noticed that I get dizzy when I am walking around the classroom checking on students’ work. I guess it’s the turning from student to student. I also get very dizzy and nauseated when extremely stressed and tired.

      1. I’ve noticed I usually am turning my head from side to side looking at students as I walk around. It’s a mild dizziness, not severe at all. Honestly, I just quit turning my head and walk back up to the front of the classroom. The students never even realize anything was wrong.

        1. Happy your dizziness is mild. It’s still discomforting though isn’t it? I’m sure you never show any signs off to the students. Fms sufferers seem to either have a very high threhold for pain and discomfort or we hardly ever show it so people can never tell we’re feeling unwell.

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