My New Year ‘Fibromyalgia’ Wish

Spring is coming. Photo by Nha Le Hoan
Spring is coming. Photo by Nha Le Hoan

Us humans, we are so deeply imbued with an inclination to hope, that we blindly do so, regardless of what we see before us.

The world is sick. The race of men is sick.

But we dear to hope.


We do it always on the dawning of a new year. We seem to believe a new year will signal fresh things, beginnings, chances and blessings.

I do not know why I hope. Why I should believe that this chaotic universe will consider the little flicker of light in my insignificant existence. It carries on its neverending cycle and we call it a ‘new year’ and hope. Still, I am a member of this flawed race, and almost inevitably, I hope too.

This is what I wish for 2012 in no particular order.

● That all those who suffer from fibromyalgia may find relief from pain and suffering through medication, therapy, support and understanding doctors.

● That those who suffer needlessly in wait of a diagnosis will find this so they can start getting the help they need.

● That medicine will make strides in finding a cure or way forward in treating this debilitating condition.

● That those of us who suffer from mental illness including depression and anxiety will find peace and comfort. That somehow, the world will find compassion and understanding. No discrimination and stigma. An end to isolation for those who feel it. And a beginning that signals more support and love.

● That ignorance will cease and people realise it is NOT all in our minds.

● For loved ones who will listen to us.

● For empathy.

● And friends who will be there to hold our hands and share our suffering when everyone else won’t or can’t.

● For employers who will look after our interests and be supportive.

● Courage to keep us fighting.

●Love to keep us truly living.

● And hope to take us through tomorrow.

Gentle hugs and all the love in the world for 2013 🙂

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