Getting By with Fibromyalgia

Drawing gets me by sometimes

When you live with fibromyalgia some days are harder than others.

I find that it’s been getting harder as I get older. Harder to get out of bed, cope with the pain, and exhaustion among other symptoms, harder to do little things like comb my hair or have a bath without getting terribly exhausted.

It’s not easy either to be social when you feel like this. So I’ve reverted to being my old self – a complete hermit.

To say that life with fibromyalgia is frustrating is an understatement. And it can really make one depressed if one isn’t already dealing with that. Fibromyalgia has completely changed my life, and changed ME as a person.

It does that to you.

So how does one get by feeling like this day in, day out? I go through life one day at a time. Literally. And then I go through each day hour by hour. It might sound sad but that’s just how some of us have to do it.

Some fibromites or fibromyalgia sufferers get by and keep their moods up via creating routines. This won’t work for all of us, and there’s no one solution; but I think it’s important to find ways of getting by with fm, especially since most of us don’t keep very busy as we don’t all work (because many of us can’t.)

Finding Meaning

It’s easy to start feeling like you want to throw in the towel.

I always feel like my life is practically over before it’s begun, and it’s easy to feel like that when something as simple as having a conversation could get you so worn out.

But I’ve found that having something to look forward to really helps me. For me it’s the process of writing, hoping one day I might get published.

Parrots make me happy & I plan to devote some time to helping them

Maybe for you it might be a project of sorts? Getting involved with a charity close to you heart? helping others? I hope in the near future to start working with a parrot sanctuary for instance, and being able to help others who suffer from depression.

That’s what matters to me, and you should find something that matters to you.

Living with fibromyalgia can often make life feel pointless.

So many of us have to find, or realise the things that give our individual lives meaning. Find that, whatever it is, or do something worthwhile that means something to you and work on that.

I’m not saying it will be easy, even writing is challenging for me with the cognitive difficulties fm presents, but we all have to try.

Things have to get better for us in future, we just have to find ways of getting by until then.

Let me know how you get by.

Gentle hugs 🙂

May 12 is International Fibromyalgia Day. Wear purple and show your support.
Image by Sammeh Kent

9 Replies to “Getting By with Fibromyalgia”

  1. sweety my heart goes out to you. I empathisize with you, you add new meaning to life for me. My prayers are with you and all others suffering this terrible condition. What I do believe is that there is a force Greater than this disease and I know we both are standing firm in HIM together.

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and support Chies:)

      Fm is a terrible condition but sufferers like me find the strength to cope with the support of wonderful, caring people like you. Hugs xxx

  2. I too find my FM getting worse with age. My jaws hurt eating and muscle fatigue is a nightmare!! Find family are worse with acceptance than anyone else – makes you feel it’s all in your head.. I only hope one day there will be a cure – we live in hope! xx

    1. Hi Scotslass. I truly empathise with you. My jaw hurts as well when I’m eating and I feel so exhausted all the time from doing nothing! Yes I’ve found the same with family at times. I think a few relatives have become sympathetic over the years but generally the others just ignore it, even if I say I’m very unwell or in pain so I don’t say anything at all anymore. Have you thought of joining a support group? I had joined one – haven’t gone in a long time but I made a friend who I talk to and it feels good being able to talk to someone who understands. Also, I joined a UK facebook group and it helps to know that everyone else there knows how I feel. I can send you the details of the facebook group if you like? Wishing you better days ahead my dear. Gentle hugs :()

    1. Thanks a lot for the encouragement Rellick. Sorry to hear your wife suffers. It is hard too because people don’t understand this condition. It is tough but we can find strength in knowing that we are not alone:)

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