So soo tired…

Photo by Umberto Salvagnin
Photo by Umberto Salvagnin

I’m so sorry that lately my blog posts have been fewer and fewer.

I’ve been soo knackered. You know, the fatigue of fibromyalgia. While some struggle more with the pain, the chronic exhaustion is my worse symptom.

Then of course the insomnia doesn’t help that. No wonder my brains have been acting extra fried-ish.

I read a claim recently that for a healthy person to experience the fatigue of fibromyalgia they’d have go without sleep for three days then attempt to function normally. Don’t quote me on that, I only read it somewhere but I’ll check it out.

Right now I’m on about my fourth day of no proper sleep. It really makes me appreciate time more. I always think if I were healthy and not this exhausted with fibromyalgia, I’d make proper use of every second of the day. There’s so much I’d do. So much I want to do. I mean, I try my best in the circumstances, but…

Shoot! Will finish this later, gotta run off to work!

Gentle hugs:)

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