Seeking courage


Photo by Imagination...its just the beginning
Photo by Imagination…its just the beginning

Courage (noun)

The ability to do something that frightens one;

Strength in the face of pain or grief

Oxford Dictionary


Where does it come from?

Everyone keeps saying not to give up, to keep trying, persevering… Why give up when one has fought so hard to reach this far?

But my fuel tank is running quite low.

I am limping along a long, winding road, I am not sure where to, but along the way I am searching for something. Something to fill me up, to make all the pieces come together. Something to provide an ‘aha’ moment, when I will suddenly know why I worked so hard to get here.

Certain journeys are more tiring for some than others. I am exhausted and I need rest. My soul is bare and I am ready for rest. But I understand now is not the time for resting.

There is a time and season for everything under the sun The Book says.

In the interim, where can I find this courage when all I have to give has been taken?

Can you tell me? My soul is seeking.

Gentle hugs 🙂



2 Replies to “Seeking courage”

  1. I think the courage comes from the little things, it comes from perseverance (rather than creating it). Every step we’ve taken along the way is what has lead us to where we are today. There may be much about where we are that we wish was different, but there is a reason we are here.

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