What makes your life worthwhile?

Photo by Gisela Giardino
Photo by Gisela Giardino

I’d woken up from a long snooze, still exhausted and with a headache, when someone I care about joked “You need to go cryogenics and wake up when there’s a cure.”

I’ll tell you more about what I think later, but I want to ask you:

If you could be cryogenically frozen and woken up when there is a cure for fibromyalgia or whatever pain you face, which of the following would you choose?

(A)  Freeze me and wake me up when there’s a cure baby!

(B)  No thanks, I’ll stay as is

(C) Errr, I’m not sure

Before selecting your answer, I need to establish a couple things.


I am asking you the question on the assumption that you grapple with fibromyalgia or some chronic pain/illness. It doesn’t necessarily have to be physical pain, it can be emotional, which is inarguably equally impacting.

Point is, the pain is impacting your life in some way and you have a grand opportunity to live without it.

Secondly, it would be remiss of me not to remind you that every decision of course carries its own implications. So bear in mind, if you choose A, that is, to be frozen and woken up when there is a cure and you can live pain free, remember, you will more than likely be waking up in a time when all your loved ones are no longer there.

So what would you choose?

For myself, without having to think, the answer is B.

A pain free life and world without the people I love really isn’t pain free.

We all know what family and friends and lovers can be like sometimes. And we sometimes joke that we ‘…can’t live with them…’

But it is true. The people we love and who love us back add something extraordinary to our lives.

I realised the question underpinning the multiple choice question I asked you is What makes my life worthwhile?

It is love. Even with pain… it is love. The people I love and those who love me. And that is what drives my determination to keep fighting on.

It’s just something for your consideration.

The painful days are tough, but here’s a good enough reason to plod on with cheer.

Gentle hugs 🙂

19 Replies to “What makes your life worthwhile?”

  1. What if you have no love in your life? What if your mental illness prevents love or can’t comprehend it. I would choose A. BUT I see your logic with B. Though, if you don’t have family — why not?

    1. Good point. I was tempted to address this in the actual post but didn’t so thanks so much for raising it:)
      I think all of us, even when we think we have no love, have love. Sometimes we don’t know or don’t feel it. I know with mental illness it ca be difficult to feel love or accept it and that’s something we have to work on. But I believe all of us are loved by someone else. All of us love someone else. I love you though I’ve not met you! that’s why I take time to share.
      On the last point, you know family isn’t always flesh and blood. Friends can be family too 🙂 But I know what family are like or can be like – sometimes they’re not there or not supportive etc. Hope that answers? 🙂 hugs and love xx

      1. Yeah sometimes we are so blinded by self-loathing we fail to see those that DO care.

        It is a tough realization when you get older that you have always been told family is #1 but when they don’t support you or help you with your mental illness and your friends do, you realize who your real family may be.

        Life is a struggle. But I hope to live long enough that we eradicate these mental illnesses with gene therapy. I would like one day to be “normal” or even “content”. Not sad or not extremely happy, you know?

        hugs and love!!

        1. Yes definitely. This realisation that family doesn’t always function as it should can hurt alot. It’s certainly hurt me! But also made me much more thankful for those who come into my life and choose to care and love and support me.

          Living with mental illness has taught me more that it’s the small things that count in life.
          I know exactly what you mean. One day we will be rid of this. In the meantime, we have eachother for support and we should try to appreciate whatever happy ‘little’ moments we can for as long as they last, you know? 🙂

          hugs and love:):)

  2. I would definitely choose B as well! Fibro has made my life a journey of self-discovery and has allowed me to help others and myself to lead healthier, happier, and fuller lives. Living symptom free would be nice, but imagine how much less meaning my life would have.

    1. Amen to that fiercefibrogirl!
      Really really excellent point and I couldn’t have said it better:)
      For all the pain and troubles I’ve had I am a different (better) person today. A bit irritable at times lol but definitely a better person with stronger character. xx

      1. Hahah yeah sometimes I get bitter about it, but most of the time I am grateful for the compassion and empathy I have gained through my experiences! Thanks for this post, sometimes I forget to be grateful for my journey.

        1. Lolol
          You’re welcomed fiercefibrogirl:-) I’m happy if my post could help in any way.
          Thanks so much for your replies and engaging me!;-) good point again- I too sometimes, well… Most times forget to be thankful for my journey!
          On your point of gaining more compassion n empathy, I always say people who have suffered or live w pain tend to be among the kindest one will ever meet; because we know what it is to suffer. Thanks again for stopping by- we learn so much from sharing with eachother and you’ve reminded me of some important things tonight:-) gentle hugs 🙂 x

      2. I always love your posts and interacting with you. I feel we share similar perspectives on life and our pain. Thanks for continuing to blog, I always look forward to seeing a new post by you!

        1. Aww thanks so much fiercefibrogirl 🙂 Same here, I absolutely agree with you, we seem really similar in our outlooks:)& I enjoy our exchanges as well!
          This is such a big encouragement honestly. I’ve not been posting much lately as I’ve been going through a tough time but THANKYOU so much for that, really made my day:) and for continuing to write as well and just being you! Keep in touch and write me anytime! 🙂

      3. I am sorry you are going through a tough time. Keep blogging at your own pace as it can be therapeutic, but don’t be sorry when you don’t feel up to blogging. Thank you for your kind words, I hope to keep inspiring through my blog and I feel blessed to have found yours!

    1. Hi thanks for your comment;-) I’m really pleased that you have found medication that works well for you and also that you have your children to share a happy life with:-) take care! X

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