The Magic of Believing & Self Definition

Faith consists of believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe – Voltaire

Photo by Imagination...its just the beginning
Photo by Imagination…its just the beginning

This week I’ve been ruminating about how we must carry on. But really, do more than carry on. We must push ahead, fire on our heels and leave our detractors in awe.

I know it’s easy to say. Lately I’ve been struggling to barely stay afloat and carry on with my daily life, little energy or strength left to think of trailblazing.

But I had two moments of inspiration. Two lessons, one of faith and the other of the importance of defining self.

The first lesson came while I was talking to my Mama Claire – my praying paternal grandmother who believes that whatever I touch prospers. She knows  I’ve been in lots of pain, and turmoil. Yet she continues to push me to accomplish my dreams despite what I face. I must believe and have faith, she says. Know that I will make it. KNOW. She said, when “you’re just about to go under, He will reach out in the nick of time, and lift you UP.”

This is not a lesson in religion. It’s about faith. Faith doesn’t come easy. But living with faith makes a positive difference in our living. When we KNOW that things will be alright, despite what lays before our broken lives, things have a way of working out. Faith is believing despite what we see, & what we feel. Believing despite the pain. But believing isn’t enough, we have to act on that belief. Life doesn’t stop or give us a break because we suffer.

Even in the wreckage of our broken lives, we must see and know that we will be made whole, we will rise and overcome. See this tomorrow, anticipate it, and work, work, work towards it without ceasing.

Defining ourselves

Photo by Red_Panther
Photo by Red_Panther

The second bit of inspiration that moved me this week was a reminder of how we ought not to let our challenges, or impairments whatever they are, define us. Never let someone else, or something else define you. We define ourselves.

I was watching the final of The Voice and was really moved by its winner Andrea Begley who has achieved her dream, not letting her visual impairment stop her.

I know how tough it is living with fibromyalgia, depression and other chronic illness. But Andrea is a living example. An example that what we imagine, what we dream, what we endeavour towards, is possible. EVERYTHING is possible. ANYTHING is possible. Dream, believe, be determined and push ahead.

I want to encourage you this week, to not let fibromyalgia, depression, chronic illness or whatever you live with, define you. Step on it and climb. You are not fibromyalgia and fibromyalgia is not you. Say it, and mean it. Then go on ahead and do whatever it is you’re meant to be doing, with excellence.

The challenges we face, make our victories so much sweeter when they come, because we know the meaning of our fight, and our journey.

Gentle hugs 🙂

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