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Ultimate Spoonie Giveaway

Photo by Yoshimi

Photo by Yoshimi

Christmas is coming on The Invisible F! We know how stressful it can be living with a chronic pain condition like fibromyalgia, so we want to spoil you rotten in time for the holidays.

I’m really excited to announce that together with my fellow bloggers from Counting My Spoons, February Stars, Fed Up With Fatigue, LiveKen, and Living Incurably, The Invisible F will be hosting an Ultimate Spoonie Giveaway, featuring super fantastically amazing prizes! I’m soo not exaggerating. View full article »

Photo by Kiran Foster

Photo by Kiran Foster


Sometimes in life we silently judge others by telling ourselves ‘that will never be me.’ I know we mean well sometimes but it is still casting judgement.

Then life has a way of turning the tables and shaking our world upside-down.

For a very long time I had been ashamed. Quite ashamed. I had already faced my fair share of stigma due to mental health diagnoses and now I was doing the things I said I would never do. But how do we know how we will react in crises? The truth is we don’t. We’re only human.

2013 was a year made of nightmares. I suffered three breakdowns, and was hospitalised three times (twice) after two significant suicide attempts. View full article »

Source: My body comes with a trigger warning – Self harm and stigma

Photo by Mnxan Opena

Photo by Mnxan Opena

In the immediate years following my diagnosis with fibromyalgia (fms) I struggled tremendously with people’s disbelief and confusion over my pain.

That people couldn’t comprehend that a person could look perfectly well on the outside while going through a raging storm of pain, incredible exhaustion and other symptoms baffled me. The lack of comprehension wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t often followed with judgements and suggestions of how I could shake off my pain with positive thinking, meditation and the host of never-ending recommendations.

I was still coming to terms with my diagnosis, learning how to navigate life with a chronic pain condition and this was complicated by the need I felt to validate my suffering to others who didn’t seem to believe (doctors included). Looking back I wish I had been firmer, braver and bolder. Here are some of the things I wished I had said. View full article »

The power of letting go


This blog is about surmounting fibromyalgia and mental illness. Inevitably, I had to get around to talking about forgiveness.

I wasn’t surprised that Google records 5 million searches a month for the phrase ‘how to let go.’

People are hurting and they want to heal and move on, but can’t seem to.

You might be asking what on earth this has to do with overcoming fibromyalgia and mental health problems?

Alot actually.

It is no secret that stress and emotional baggage can manifest themselves into physical symptoms. They can impinge on our health, exacerbating symptoms of conditions we are already dealing with. Chronic stress can also lead to a host of illnesses or habits that might affect our health in the long run. View full article »


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