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impractical dreams.

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1377046962250870We have impractical dreams to gain instant success. We think things come to us. We think life waits for us. There’s a truth we deny which is a future free of promises, for the only constant is that nothing is.

Every room has a door but for now, some are locked. Every path has an end but for now, we feel lost. This leaves us as victims of what’s meant to be, when it’s meant to happen. We must be patient enough to wait.Besides, the longer we are without something, the more we appreciate it. So as long as we have something to chase, we’ll keep running.

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So soo tired…

Photo by Umberto Salvagnin

Photo by Umberto Salvagnin

I’m so sorry that lately my blog posts have been fewer and fewer.

I’ve been soo knackered. You know, the fatigue of fibromyalgia. While some struggle more with the pain, the chronic exhaustion is my worse symptom.

Then of course the insomnia doesn’t help that. No wonder my brains have been acting extra fried-ish.

I read a claim recently that for a healthy person to experience the fatigue of fibromyalgia they’d have go without sleep for three days then attempt to function normally. Don’t quote me on that, I only read it somewhere but I’ll check it out. View full article »

Mop me up

Photo by Jeffrey Montes

Photo by Jeffrey Montes

This evening was warm but I was felt I was appropriately dressed in a short dress and stockings, so I didn’t take a handkerchief.

Twas a mistake I will never repeat!

Those of you friends who also live with fibromyalgia might also experience the crazy changes in body temperature that cause us to sweat profusely and, at other times respond rather contradictory to the weather. Apparently it’s down to some dysfunction with the area of the brain that also controls sleep and bowel movements (damn you insomnia and IBS).

By the time I got to church I was drenched. I went through a packet of face tissues trying to elegantly mop up my face and neck. View full article »

We Never Walk Alone

Photo by кофе

Photo by кофе

It’s been some of those weeks when, while encouraging people to hope, I’ve been simultaneously trying to convince myself.

You know what I’m saying?

When my Mama Claire gives the ‘we cannot give up’ talk, without fail she will say ‘we live in hope.’

And we do. At least, I try my best. We hope for all sorts of things and well imagined futures. Hmmph.

The Oxford dictionary defines hope as ‘A feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.’

Hoping gives many of us reason to carry on, and renewed zeal to fulfil today’s duties so that tomorrow things will fall into place. Like building a house with our bare hands, brick by brick. We lay the blocks every day in the sun, rain, snow…when we’re tired, sick, wishing we could be somewhere else, we are laying down the bricks, all in the hope that tomorrow we might have a finished house that we can turn into a home.

But… in the act of hoping, our minds can get clouded by many obstacles. For one, conditions like depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder can make it difficult to stay faithful to the process of hoping. View full article »

Living for others


Cheryl making fresh juices

Cheryl making fresh juices


 Only a life lived for others is worth living – Albert Einstein


In our own struggles we can sometimes forget others. It’s a human thing.

But to remember others while we are in the midst of storms, makes life worth living.

Sometimes we might think we have nothing to give, but that’s not true. We always have something to give. It may not be material. It might be a meal, encouragement, time… It might be love.

My friend Cheryl moves me. Cheryl lives with a genetic condition that’s caused intestinal failure. As a result she has to be fed through a tube in her neck. It is not an easy life.

But C has always gone of her way to help others. In my own moments of being unwell C has been more than a friend, ringing my GP, checking up on me daily, getting me vitamin supplements and encouraging me. View full article »


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