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The Dark Side


I had to share this old post with you. The message is still timely.

Originally posted on The Invisible F:

Photo by My name is Randy Photo by My name is Randy

‘Welcome to the dark side’ is what my friend at work (right behind me) says to me when I pop around her ‘side’ of the office, demarcated only by a glass wall.

It’s a joke of course but what Lucy doesn’t know is that I already live on the dark side.

Living with a chronic condition is tough. An invisible chronic condition – tougher. Two invisible conditions? Well, welcome to the dark side.

I live with fibromyalgia and depression and anxiety. Living with the former is difficult for a number of reasons which are documented on my blogs on this site.

It is misunderstood, underestimated and invisible – making it even more misunderstood and underestimated. It is hard talking about fibromyalgia when people like to tell me how I feel and what’s not happening in my body, like they’re the ones trying to…

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The cycles in fibromyalgia

Photo by Alan Cleaver

Photo by Alan Cleaver

I sometimes feel like fibromyalgia can throw us into some destructive cycles.

Take for instance the issue with weight gain facing many of us.

A lot of the medications that we use to manage this chronic condition cause us to gain weight. Weight gain can also be attributed to lack of exercise due to the debilitating levels of fatigue, pain and lack of sleep.

Additionally, research suggests that certain hormone deficiencies in fibromyalgia might lower the body’s metabolism, thereby causing us to gain weight. View full article »

Talking mental health

By Gloria Williams

By Gloria Williams

Every year 1 in 4 people are affected by mental health illnesses, but are afraid to talk about them for fear of repercussions.

Mind and Rethink Mental Illness want to change this by encouraging people to spend at least five minutes a day having conversations about mental health.

In their Time to Talk Campaign, the charities say having a conversation is a good place to start, if we are to put an end to stigma.

It’s a commendable effort but I wonder how many people will take part and open their minds. View full article »


Hi there!

I hope you’re doing well.

Today was a very trying day.

I woke to the news of Shamaai el-Shabbagh’s murder.  I wondered what they’d tell her 5 year old. She had after all, only gone to lay flowers in respect of the dead. Now she is among them.

Every day we fight battles of our own but we must not forget the people in the world also fighting battles on our behalf. Whether it is so we can have a voice, be free to believe whatever we choose or simply have a chance to live. Maybe it’s not in your neighbourhood or it might seem worlds from where we are, but the people who fight for good in the world all want the fundamental things that we want.

I’m now having a terrible flare with severe pains in my face and jaw. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

I also wanted to share this interview I did with Julie from Counting My Spoons. 

Gentle hugs x

Photo by  Mnxan Opena

Photo by Mnxan Opena

It’s 3:35 AM and I am finding it hard to quiet my mind.

I was going to write about something completely different but then I thought of something I’d like your feedback on.

I am playing around with the idea of producing a ‘radio documentary’ to raise awareness of fibromyalgia. It would be great to ultimately get it on air but at the moment I’m simply thinking of posting it online, here on my blog and Youtube. I think it might be a good source of information and encouragement for those of us living with this debilitating condition. View full article »


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