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An opportunity to share and raise awareness!

Lucky Otter's Haven


This is a great opportunity for new bloggers looking to increase their views, but you don’t have to be new to participate!

Until now, almost all the posts on Lucky Otter’s Haven have been written solely by me (I’m not counting reblogged articles by others, who wrote them for their own sites). But I feel like this blog is in need of some fresh material. I know there are lots of mental illness bloggers on WordPress sharing their own personal stories and struggles, and so many of you are such great writers too, with your own unique style and voice. So I want to extend an invitation to anyone interested in writing for this blog about their own personal experiences in living with a mental illness. I’m especially interested in people suffering from disorders caused by abuse and trauma: Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), covert narcissism (C-NPD), narcissistic abuse syndrome (NAS)…

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Thanks to Karen of The Life and Times of Lady Karen Blog for her amazing review of my book Living the best life with Fibromyalgia!

The Life and Times of Lady Karen

Last summer I was contacted by Alisha Nurse. She’d written a short handbook based upon here experiences of living with fibromyalgia and asked if I’d have a read to see what I thought. Well, the months ran away with me in a blur of flare ups, hospital appointments and a few stressful events, and I never got round to reading the book. I never forgot about it though, infact I thought about it quite often. I made it one of my New Years resolutions to read the book, and last night I finished it.

The book isn’t too long, 78 pages on my Kindle Fire, and it’s clear from the beginning it’s written by a fellow sufferer. I instantly found I could relate to the author and this made me want to keep on reading and not put my Kindle down until I was finished. Many books I read on…

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Live to hope


By pol sifter

Dear Friend,

I can see that you have lost hope. You have not been yourself lately. I see your tears, and I noticed that you no longer smile.

I wanted to tell you that you’re not alone.

Two years ago, when my brokenness and despair climbed to unimaginable heights I decided to end my life; Twice in that year. The second attempt was worse than the first. I ended in hospital in a High Dependency Unit. No one thought I’d survive.

I woke in regret. Not for what I had done but because I was still here, when I didn’t want to be.  I felt bad because I knew there are people who want to live but can’t. I wished I could give someone else my chance.

At the time, I didn’t think that I would have been able to get through, to carry on with such a huge hole in my heart. The emptiness that I have felt since childhood had overtaken me.

I wasn’t always sure of what it was that helped me along. But I can see now that it was the message of hope. It was consistent and it came from familiar faces and strangers. View full article »

This is the year!

C.S Lewis knew what he was talking about!

Alisha Nurse


Happy New Year my friends! :) x

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15087465094_293bd8b767_zYears ago when I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia (fms), life got far worse before it got better.

The truth is, at 24 years old I thought my life was over. Aside from living in pain and the bag-full of symptoms that come with fms, I had no energy, no motivation, no social life and worst of all, no hope.

A lot has happened to change that. My life remains far from perfect and is a work in progress but I really wanted to share some of the things that I think you may find useful in helping you to lead a more fulfilling life. View full article »


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